Traveling Ruby allows you to create self-contained, "portable" Ruby binaries which can run on any Windows machine, any Linux distribution and any OS X machine. This allows Ruby app developers to distribute a single package to end users, without needing end users to first install Ruby or gems.

We've released version 20150517, which upgrades the Ruby version and introduces more native extensions.


  • The Ruby versions that we now support are: 2.1.6 and 2.2.2.
  • Added additional native extensions: puma, unicorn, kgio, raindrops, fast-stemmer, hitimes, redcarpet, snappy, curses.
  • Upgraded bundler gem to version 1.9.9.
  • Upgraded mysql2 gem to version 0.3.11.
  • Upgraded pg gem to version 0.18.2.
  • Upgraded bundler gem to version 1.9.9.
  • The sqlite3, pg, rugged and charlock_holmes gems are now smaller because they are now compiled with better compiler optimizations. The total reduction of all these gems together is 4 MB uncompressed.

Learn more

You can learn more about Traveling Ruby at its website or its Github page.