Anna Dechering joins Phusion as its Office Manager

"Every office needs a Donna, but not as much as an Anna." Anna will be joining Phusion to make the everyone's life a little easier. She »

Tara Lingard joins Phusion as its Customer Success Manager

The Phusion team just got a little nicer! Tara will be joining as the second hire from the Great White North. She is a new graduate »

Hiring: Office Manager - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Alright, here we go again, people! ;-) In our ongoing quest for World Domination, we are looking for an Office Manager (full-time) to become a part »

Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud: Our Journey to $1,000,000+ ARR at Phusion

If you're a long-time reader of Basecamp's Signal vs Noise, chances are you have probably read one of their Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud (BPP) articles. Those »

Resolving Web Application Resource Bottlenecks with Concurrency

This article is a general introduction into the bottlenecks of web applications and how application servers can deal with them to improve request throughput and response »

Hiring: Junior Client Success Manager

Update: this position has been filled and is no longer available. Hey you! We are looking for an energetic, passionate and fun Junior Client Success Manager »

Efficiently and Conveniently Building Ruby and Node.js Application Docker Containers for Production

Introduction In this article we will show how we build Docker application containers in two steps and explain why that is a useful thing to do. »

Using Rails 5 ActionCable and RethinkDB to build a Reactive WebSocket App

In this article we will demonstrate how to build a WebSockets driven application using Rails 5’s ActionCable. By using RethinkDB's active changefeeds feature we can »

Using SSL with Passenger in Development on macOS

This blog post will show you how to create, install, and trust a self signed certificate on your development web server, and setup your DNS to »

Passenger 5.0.30 Installation fix, stability and speed improvements

Version 5.0.30 of the Phusion Passenger application server for Ruby, Node.js, Meteor and Python has been released. We've fixed an issue that could »

Web applications on Phusion Passenger are not vulnerable to HTTPoxy

A short time ago an old security issue was revealed to still be present in many modern application servers. The issue is now known as HTTPoxy, »

Baseimage-docker 0.9.19 released, based on Ubuntu 16.04

Baseimage-docker is a special Docker image that is configured for correct use within Docker containers. It is Ubuntu, plus modifications for Docker-friendliness. You can use it »

ActionCable under stress: fixing data corruption, socket leak issues in Rails 5

During performance testing of the Rails 5.0.0 release we discovered two bugs in Rails. One data corruption bug that occurs when two threads transmit »

Passenger 5.0.29: Ubuntu 16.04 packages, Nginx 1.10.1, Docker logging improvements

Version 5.0.29 of the Phusion Passenger application server for Ruby, Node.js, Meteor and Python has been released. It's also available through apt on »

Camden Narzt joins Phusion as its first North American Software Engineer

Hi North America! I'm pleased to announce that Camden Narzt will be joining Phusion full-time as its first remote hire in North America. Camden holds a »