Version 6.0.17 of the Passenger application server has been released. This release adds support for Ruby 3.2.0, and bumps the preferred Nginx to 1.22.1.

Passenger 6 introduced Generic Language Support, or: the ability to support any and all arbitrary apps.

Updates & improvements

  • [Enterprise] The debug gem is now supported for debugging on Ruby 3.1.
  • Removed use of deprecated 'File.exists?' method for Ruby 3.2.0.
  • Upgrades preferred Nginx to 1.22.1 from 1.20.2.
  • Changes minimum supported macOS version to 10.14 Mojave.
  • Adds support for a PASSENGER_MAX_LOG_LINE_LENGTH_BYTES environment variable. The default length remains at 8KB.
  • Upgrades Boost to 1.81.
  • Updated various library versions used in precompiled binaries (used for e.g. gem installs):
    • ccache: 4.6.3 → 4.7.4
    • curl: 7.86.0 → 7.87.0
    • git: 2.38.1 → 2.39.0
    • gnupg: 2.3.8 → 2.4.0
    • libksba: 1.6.2 → 1.6.3
    • openssl: 1.1.1s → 3.0.7
    • rubygems: 3.3.26 → 3.4.3
    • rubies: added 3.2.0

Installing 6.0.17

Please see the installation guide for advice on getting started with Passenger. Coming from a language other than Ruby, Python, Meteor or Node? Even if we didn't write a specific tutorial for your language, we made a generic guide that shows you the steps.

Upgrading to 6.0.17

We strongly advise staying up to date with the latest version.

Check out our upgrade guides for the different platforms:

Please be aware that you can enjoy enterprise features and sponsor the open source development directly by buying Phusion Passenger Enterprise.