For those of you following Phusion since our very first strides in the wonderful world of DevOps (before it was DevOps, we’re talking 2008), you know we used to do a fair share of consulting to finance Passenger development. Once Passenger's growth demanded all of our attention (and Passenger financed Passenger, so to say), we scaled back on our client work.

Now that we’ve made great strides automating Passenger we can afford to take on consultancy gigs again. No matter how many features Passenger (Enterprise) implements, we can't serve all and every customer right. Complex challenges need custom solutions. We are excited to offer a range of professional services to do just that.

Who you gonna call?

With over a decade of experience on a myriad of topics, we help you establish expertise and best practices. Whether it's for app dev, DevOps, Passenger Premium Support, or security issues.

We love building elegant apps that are a joy to use. With our mastery of a wide range of web technologies, such as Rails, Node.js, Go and React, we'll help you ship successful products. Make sure you build the right thing, our designers will happily share usability research insights and UI/UX best practices. We can implement it for you as well!

We can assist you in migrating from one technology stack to another. That includes switching to a Microservices architecture. Phusion helps audit, review and solve security, performance, stability, maintainability, compliance or business issues.

Having worked with great companies world-wide, we look forward to assisting you as well.

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Header illustration by Nick Visser.