We're archiving the Passenger 'Library', in favor of the industry standard 'Docs'. Docs however, is just the same Library, but updated, rerouted and regrouped for better discoverability and better flow.

Recurring feedback was that navigating through the Library was 'hard'. With some restructuring, a better search engine and an overall improved UX we hope you'll have an easier time finding what you’re looking for. Coincidentally we get to keep our Docs lean and maintainable.

We know a redesign can be troublesome for those who already spent time with the old documentation, especially with busy schedules that don’t allow for immediate exploration. That’s why we are keeping the Library up, and for the time being the header of the Docs contains a link to the Library.

Luuk redesigned the Passenger documentation app in the scope of his graduation project. His original app was built in React, but for production use he rewrote the whole thing in Ruby (using the Middleman gem). Luuk will write a separate post detailing this migration soon.

We've added a feedback box to the Docs and we look forward to your suggestions. Anything we missed / you'd like to see? Do let us know. In case it's something you yourself can fix, go right ahead, our Docs are entirely open source.