Anna Dechering joins Phusion as its Office Manager

"Every office needs a Donna, but not as much as an Anna." Anna will be joining Phusion to make the everyone's life a little easier. She »

Tara Lingard joins Phusion as its Customer Success Manager

The Phusion team just got a little nicer! Tara will be joining as the second hire from the Great White North. She is a new graduate »

Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud: Our Journey to $1,000,000+ ARR at Phusion

If you're a long-time reader of Basecamp's Signal vs Noise, chances are you have probably read one of their Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud (BPP) articles. Those »

Gartner chooses Phusion as a Cool Vendor 2015 in Web-Scale Computing Solutions

Today, we are pleased to announce that Gartner has chosen Phusion as a Cool Vendor for their 2015 report on Web-Scale Computing Solutions. Vendors in this »