Hi North America!

I'm pleased to announce that Camden Narzt will be joining Phusion full-time as its first remote hire in North America.

Camden and Ninh signing the employment agreements

Camden holds a BSc degree in Computer Science with a Business minor from the University of Alberta. He has a background coding in the heavy equipment monitoring-, medical-, and defence industries. Camden brings an eye for beautiful code, security, as well as an insatiable /thirst for tea|need to solve problems/.

At Phusion, Camden will work closely with the Passenger team on implementing new features as well as providing support and on-premise training to a select number of customers.

In talking to Camden these past few months about the possibilities of him representing us more directly in the North American market, we have come to learn that his views on software development and customer satisfaction greatly resonate with ours. Needless to say, we're incredibly excited about this opportunity to be able to work together!

Welcome to the team Camden!