Anna Dechering joins Phusion as its Office Manager

"Every office needs a Donna, but not as much as an Anna." Anna will be joining Phusion to make the everyone's life a little easier. She »

Tara Lingard joins Phusion as its Customer Success Manager

The Phusion team just got a little nicer! Tara will be joining as the second hire from the Great White North. She is a new graduate »

Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud: Our Journey to $1,000,000+ ARR at Phusion

If you're a long-time reader of Basecamp's Signal vs Noise, chances are you have probably read one of their Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud (BPP) articles. Those »

Camden Narzt joins Phusion as its first North American Software Engineer

Hi North America! I'm pleased to announce that Camden Narzt will be joining Phusion full-time as its first remote hire in North America. Camden holds a »

Sheryl Man joins Phusion as its Head of Sales and Marketing

Phusion is pleased to announce and welcome Sheryl Man as its Head of Sales and Marketing. She will be playing a key role in developing new »

Nick Visser joins Phusion as its Designer & Illustrator

Nick is a designer & illustrator, who has spent the last decade or so working on the visual identities of both physical and digital products. This »

Union Station ♥ Slack

Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on application analysis and monitoring for Passenger web apps. Union Station helps you identify performance bottlenecks in your Ruby »

Monitor and analyze your Passenger apps today with Union Station

Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on Passenger application monitoring and analytics. Union Station aims to help you easily find performance bottlenecks and errors in »

Gartner chooses Phusion as a Cool Vendor 2015 in Web-Scale Computing Solutions

Today, we are pleased to announce that Gartner has chosen Phusion as a Cool Vendor for their 2015 report on Web-Scale Computing Solutions. Vendors in this »