Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on Passenger application monitoring and analytics. Union Station aims to help you easily find performance bottlenecks and errors in your application and to help you fix them. Sign up for a free 1 month trial today!

Analyze performance more accurately

A performant application is critical for being able to serve as many visitors as quickly as possible. In order to measure performance, solutions have usually expressed performance in number of requests per time-unit in conjunction with response time averages.

Averages however, are prone to getting obscured by extreme values: a response time average of 100ms over several page visits could easily obscure most of those requests taking 50ms and one outlier being 500ms.

Response time histogram

Union Station mitigates this by providing a histogram overview of the response times rather than working with averages. This approach shows how requests are distributed over time. It allows you to infer from the example screenshot above that at 11:00am, about a third of the ~120k requests were between 20-40ms, whereas only a fraction took longer than 5seconds.

Clicking on the histogram will allow you to see which individual requests were associated with this behaviour at any particular time. This should allow you to drill down to performance anomalies with ease.

Passenger integration

By leveraging Passenger, Union Station allows for not only an unprecedented level of insight into what goes on in your application, but also into the layers beneath it.

CPU / Memory warning

This means Union Station is able to give you a look under the hood of Passenger and the server itself and should allow for even the most deep-rooted application problems to be instrumentable!

Waterfall breakdown of a single request

Revision tracking

Union Station also automatically keeps track of new revisions you have deployed of your application so that you are able to see if all your server nodes have been updated properly.

New revision

Measure anomalies over time

Union Station's graphing capabilities allow you to compare your apps metrics over time as well. This should allow you to easily detect anomalies that might have occurred since yesterday, last week, last month, or even several months back.


Keep track of errors and warnings, and what caused them

Union Station provides all this information to you in an incredibly user-friendly way: rather than overwhelming you with information that may or may not be of interest, Union Station aims to group all relevant information it has processed for you in a clean and orderly manner. This allows you to drill down on a problem more effectively without losing focus, making Union Station your app's best friend.

Grouped routes part of an error/exception

Union Station's monitoring capabilities include notifying you of potential issues in your server/application through e-mail and SMS. Need to get a heads-up if your server is using up more than a certain amount of CPU and memory? Union Station has got your back.

All this information is provided to you in a real-time manner, allowing you to keep an eye out for your servers wherever you go: you never need to miss another beat with Union Station.

Try Union Station for free today

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Union Station's find Slowest Request along with the Activity Breakdown features have helped us a tremendous deal in tuning our database queries. We love Union Station and think it’s a great product!

Kahoru Higaya, Real Networks, Inc.

We have been actively using Union Station and love the features. Union Station is our solution for application level monitoring. If we receive an email with an application exception we will login to Union Station and check the trace for the exception. If we want to see the rails application load, we will use Union Station to check. If we are interested in historical data about the application, we use the calendar feature. It’s pretty great Union Station allows us to do all this within a single product.

Brian Jenkins, Accela (Government Software)

At this time, Union Station only supports Ruby applications; Node.js application support should be underway shortly!