Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on application analysis and monitoring for Passenger web apps. Union Station helps you identify performance bottlenecks in your Ruby web applications, and helps you to stay on top of any errors your application might be facing. Try it out today by signing up for a free trial!

Error and exception notification via Slack

Union Station's monitoring capabilities already notify its users through e-mail and SMS if things go south on their servers. This was not yet the case for Slack however.

Slack is quickly becoming an indispensable communication tool for modern work environments. This does not only hold true for our customers, but for ourselves as well.

An example screenshot of Union Station's Slack integration
So in the spirit of helping our customers and scratching our own itch at the same time, we are pleased to announce that Union Station now has Slack integration for all notifications. This should allow you to stay in the loop of any anomalies Union Station detects, directly from the comfort of your Slack channel.

Union Station notifications right in our engineers' Slack channel enable us to respond to potential problems even faster than before

Gerard Leijdekkers, co-founder Eet.nu

This is the first step we're making towards supporting multiple platforms through our Webhook/API efforts. Sign up for a free trial today, or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop on future Union Station development below. You can also follow us on @unionstationapp and @phusion_nl.