The smarter and simpler command center for your applications

Over the past 10 years we at Phusion have made amazing strides with Passenger development and saw hundreds of thousands of you build amazing applications, websites and companies. In recent years we’ve heard you say “It just works” which is great to hear - but it also means it’s time to put more focus on something that doesn’t work. We took all your feedback to heart and have developed a new solution to work alongside Passenger.

Today we’re introducing a graphical user interface for the Passenger app server. Whether you’re running Passenger open source or you’re one of our enterprise customers, the Fuse Panel’s aim is to provide tools to monitor, administer, analyze and troubleshoot your apps. While we are in beta the tool is available for free for everyone.

Fuse Panel Launch Edition

Not only does Passenger “just work” but over the past 10 years we’ve also added a lot of options and features like live monitoring, settings management, process management, live troubleshooting and support hailing. The Fuse Panel offers a graphical view of all existing configuration options in one organized place so you don’t have to worry about missing out on stability or performance optimization.

Avoid slowing down your work flow digging through forums, reading documentation or recalling terminal commands to find the answers you’re looking for. The Fuse Panel illustrates everything effortlessly in a graphical web based platform.

If Passenger doesn’t function in the way you expect utilize the configuration debugging tool in the Fuse Panel to get to the bottom of your issue!

NEW in Passenger Fuse Panel: Log Viewing and Log Splitting

Clean up your logs with per application log viewing and splitting, this much-requested feature (since 2014) will only be available through the Fuse Panel beta. Easily switch between various apps' different log channels, both stdout/stderr output and regular log files. No more opening multiple terminal apps and running tail -f.

To inspect the logs of one of your applications that’s running on Passenger, click on the app you’d like to inspect in the sidebar, and then click the "logs" tab in the main view area. Logs update in near real-time.

Feature Requests - What’s next?

The open beta allows us to gather a lot of feedback from our community (you!) which will help shape the future development of the Fuse Panel. In the short term we plan to improve the log streaming feature to include Passenger level logs (in addition to app-level logs), implement text search and highlighting functions as well as options for configuring log retention length.

If you have a preference for one or the other functionality, please take the survey and let us know:

Some other features we’ve got our eyes on are:

  • Metrics
    Processes-level (CPU, memory and uptime statistics), request-level (requests/min, queue sizes) or even custom application-provided metrics, via a simple API. Visualize the most important live metrics across the entire cluster via a simple dashboard, or dive into individual resources.
  • Error tracking
    Be notified of and keep track of HTTP errors and application exceptions. Minimize outages for your users.
  • Passenger bootstrapping
    Use Fuse Panel to boot new Passenger instances.
  • Command & control
    Restart and otherwise manipulate processes, application servers, containers and machines.
  • Application deployment & Application configuration management
    Inspect and modify application configuration from Fuse Panel. Toggle feature flags. Synchronize configuration files between multiple application instances.
  • Configuration and optimization advisor
    Automatically scan configuration for issues and optimization opportunities. Profile usage and traffic and use pattern detection (e.g. machine learning) to detect issues and to raise alerts.
  • Access control
    Allow multiple people access to designated resources with designated permissions.
  • API
    Machine friendly interface to fetch data and metrics from Fuse Panel.
  • Support for other application servers, third-party integrations and custom plugins
    Integrate with Slack, Twilio, email, Github, Prometheus and more, and allow extending Fuse Panel with arbitrary custom behavior via plugins.

Get Started in the Fuse Panel Beta

The Fuse Panel Beta takes less than 5 minutes to set up and is free and open to anyone running the latest version (5.2.2) of Passenger (open source or enterprise). We would love to hear what direction you hope we’re going with the Fuse Panel, please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

Start monitoring your apps today!