Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud: Our Journey to $1,000,000+ ARR at Phusion

If you're a long-time reader of Basecamp's Signal vs Noise, chances are you have probably read one of their Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud (BPP) articles. Those »

Resolving Web Application Resource Bottlenecks with Concurrency

This article is a general introduction into the bottlenecks of web applications and how application servers can deal with them to improve request throughput and response »

Efficiently and Conveniently Building Ruby and Node.js Application Docker Containers for Production

Introduction In this article we will show how we build Docker application containers in two steps and explain why that is a useful thing to do. »

Using Rails 5 ActionCable and RethinkDB to build a Reactive WebSocket App

In this article we will demonstrate how to build a WebSockets driven application using Rails 5’s ActionCable. By using RethinkDB's active changefeeds feature we can »

Web applications on Phusion Passenger are not vulnerable to HTTPoxy

A short time ago an old security issue was revealed to still be present in many modern application servers. The issue is now known as HTTPoxy, »

ActionCable under stress: fixing data corruption, socket leak issues in Rails 5

During performance testing of the Rails 5.0.0 release we discovered two bugs in Rails. One data corruption bug that occurs when two threads transmit »

Union Station ♥ Node.js: request introspection with Passenger 5.0.22

The latest Passenger release contains some exciting new monitoring features for Node.js applications. One of these is that Passenger can now deep-inspect applications to measure »

Security advisory: CVE-2015-7519 header overwriting (medium severity)

It was discovered by the SUSE security team that it was possible, in some cases, for clients to overwrite headers set by the server, resulting in »

Union Station ♥ Slack

Union Station is Phusion's brand new take on application analysis and monitoring for Passenger web apps. Union Station helps you identify performance bottlenecks in your Ruby »

Keep tabs on your application with the Union Station Weekly Summary

Union Station's weekly summary is an email service to keep your team up to date on the current status of your application. The summary contains statistics »

Bootstrapping a Business Around Open Source

See also the OSCON 2015 Amsterdam keynote recording. OSCON 2015 Europe took place in Amsterdam on October 26th to 28th. OSCON is an event that celebrates, »

Solving a production performance issue with Union Station

In this article we take a closer look at the performance analysis features of Union Station, and how the features assists in identifying important performance issues »

Speaking at OSCON 2015 Amsterdam: bootstrapping a business around open source

On the 27th of October, Ninh Bui and I (Hongli Lai) will be speaking at OSCon 2015 Amsterdam. It is about a topic that we have »

Introducing the Passenger Library project

We are happy to announce the Passenger Library project: next-generation documentation for the Phusion Passenger application server. For a while now, we have had the feeling »

Introducing the Passenger Status Service for Heroku

Today, we are launching the Passenger Status Service. This service makes Passenger status reports (the passenger-status tool) work on Heroku. What are Passenger Status reports? One »