Update: this position has been filled and is no longer available.

We are looking for a passionate and energetic candidate to fulfill the duties of Sales Manager at Phusion B.V. in Amsterdam. The ideal candidate has enough experience, knowledge and skills to hit the ground running and enough of a funny-bone to enjoy Friday drinks with us. The focus on this position will be on acquiring new customers, smashing targets, managing the sales flow and creating growth for the company.

The main task categories of this position are:

  • Acquisition - Seeking out and gaining new customers on a constant and consistent basis to accelerate existing growth.
  • Sales - Monitoring and maintaining automatic sales flow channels from the customer's first point of contact with our company through to payment. Includes writing copy for websites, sales flyers, blogs, etc.
  • Targets - Ability and drive to meet and challenge predetermined targets set for new customers and revenue.
  • Analysis - Data collection, analysis and interpretation for the purpose of presentation, opportunity cost decision, and backing up any decisions.
  • Business Development - Identifying and capturing opportunities for business growth and forecasting timelines for growth.

Qualities the ideal candidate possesses:

  • Strong analytical ability. You share the mentality “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
  • Native (or nearly native) English proficiency. You must be able to speak and write at a business/professional level. Any additional language proficiency is a plus.
  • High curiosity and desire to learn more. You make it a top priority to be an expert in your field, keeping up-to-date on the product, company and the ecosystem in which we operate.
  • Goal oriented and can-do attitude. You can collect all information yourself to create a solution or plan before going to someone with a problem or question.
  • 3+ years proven relevant experience with international markets, specifically the North American market. You’re an expert presenter, pitcher and negotiator.
  • A college or university degree in a related field. You also hold some necessary background knowledge in the fields of business administration, economics, statistics, business models and business optimization.
  • You’re located in or around Amsterdam and would love to be in our beautiful office at least 3 days a week (while the remaining 2 days you are encouraged to be in the office however that is optional).
  • Willingness to work during US times for conference calls with customers and leads.
  • Willing to travel and meet up with our customers to understand their business needs and relay this information into actionable items to our engineers. Our customers are primarily located in the US.
  • Finally, if you’re up for the challenge of this position, you’re able to bring in new customers within the first three months of employment that otherwise wouldn’t have found their way into our sales flow.

The following knowledge and skills are highly appreciated:

  • Ability to thrive in a multitasking environment, adjust priorities on-the-fly and work in sprints.
  • A willingness to work on a flexible schedule due to US-NL timezone differences of our customers.
  • Work experience within the SaaS and/or enterprise IT industry.
  • You are an initiator, if you see a problem or something that can be improved upon you create solutions and improvements without being explicitly instructed.
  • Experience with conducting and evaluating A/B tests.

About Phusion

Phusion is a software company dedicated to making awesome Unix server tools to power the modern web. Click here for more info.

What does Phusion have to offer you?

  • A welcoming, horizontal work environment with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Want to go to an IT networking conference like the TNW? We’ll send you! Want to take a particular training course to really master and keep up to date on an aspect of your position? We fully support it!
  • An opportunity to work directly, and bring in more, of the most amazing Fortune 500 companies that we are fortunate enough to call our customers.
  • We have a beautiful office in walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. While we offer some remote working days, if you are in the office, you’ll have lunch included.
  • Some of the best hardware to allow you to perform your tasks quickly and efficiently. Love Apple and want to work on a Macbook? Done deal. Prefer to work with Windows instead? We’ve got you too!

Do you think you’ve got the chops for this position? Are you also extremely self-motivated, fun to work with, and generally a pretty awesome individual? Then WE WANT YOU!

Please send your résumé and cover letter to jobs@phusion.nl and we’ll get back to you shortly.