Update: this position has been filled and is no longer available.

Phusion was founded with the belief that server maintenance shouldn’t be difficult. Over half a million websites worldwide use Passenger to improve web app performance, boost productivity, and maximize security.

We are looking for a passionate and skilled Developer Advocate/Evangelist who can help the Passenger team succeed, ideally at our beautiful Amsterdam office.

What will you do?

As a Developer Advocate/Evangelist, you will be a spokesperson, mediator and translator between Phusion and Phusion's users, namely outside developers. The goal is to build mindshare among users and to help internal teams understand what direction we should go.

Your main tasks are:

  • Write engaging content
    Such as blog posts and tutorials.
  • Publish interesting side projects
    To attract interest of users towards Phusion.
  • Keep up to date with competition and market
    For example by frequently playing with the latest technology.
  • Be present on social media
    Participate in discussions and keep people engaged.
  • Participate and help with events
    For example by speaking at conferences.
  • Help dealing with influencers
    Find new influencers and keep influencers friendly and warm towards us.
  • Influence our strategy, future and direction
    Discuss your findings and insights with internal teams, and together let us conquer the world.

This excellent blog post describes in detail the role that we envision.

Besides those tasks, you are also very welcome to help with product development.

Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate:

  • Has great development skills,
    being able to both create and explain software products.
  • Has excellent communication skills,
    as you will frequently reach out, listen and distill information.
  • Has excellent network skills,
    because you're meant to collect contacts and keep them happy.
  • Is experienced in relevant areas,
    namely web development, server management and DevOps.
  • Possesses (nearly-)native English proficiency,
    because communications must look professional.
  • Is an initiator,
    and can identify, even among the slight chaos that is a startup environment, what to do without being explicitly instructed so.
  • Is within reasonable travel distance of Amsterdam,
    because proximity improves teamwork efficiency, and because we like bonding with co-workers.

What does Phusion have to offer you?

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks when you’re in the office,
  • Flexible work hours and locations,
  • Travel allowance for day-to-day and conference travel,
  • Relaxed and fun company culture - karaoke and games included.

See our Careers Page for the full breakdown or swing by the office to see what we’re really like.

"I am part of a remarkable company, facing interesting challenges on a global market, with a lot of room to take responsibility and further develop my skills."

Daniel KnoppelPassenger Lead

"I have the opportunity to work with smart, fun, young people from different parts of the world. Everyone who works here has the responsibility of making Phusion great! I am very proud of being a Phusioneer."

Katya van Rijn-PortilloOffice Manager

Sound like you?

Send us your CV and cover letter to jobs@phusion.nl or come and meet us at our Amsterdam office! We’ve got a bunch of C++, Ruby, Java, and .NET gurus on board that you can share your love of technology with.