Update: this position is no longer available.

We’re looking for a passionate and creative Web Designer to assist us in designing marketing websites for our products, as well as assist us in designing UIs for the products themselves. More specifically, the job position requires you to translate business requirements and targets into enticing pieces of art that not only look good, but are a joy to work with as well. To that end, deep knowledge of aesthetics, web technologies and user experience are paramount. The ideal candidate has enough experience, knowledge and skills to hit the ground running and enough of a funnybone to enjoy Friday drinks with us.

Your main tasks will be as follows:

  • Tell a product story using design.
  • Translate our business requirements and targets to gorgeous marketing page designs.
  • Create UIs for our products in such a way that they end up being a joy to use.
  • Improve visitor-to-customer conversion with enticing web designs.
  • Conduct usability tests on our products and suggest / implement improvements.

Required qualifications, skills & traits:

  • A “can do” mentality, and works in a proactive manner: rather than waiting to be told what to do, you actively pursue telling us how things can be improved by providing mockups & reasoning.
  • Autonomous, but also comfortable working in multidisciplinary team environment.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch are all second nature to you.
  • Able to cope with sprints, and as such, able to work in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Explores multiple concepts prior to settling on 1.
  • Familiar with current design paradigms and pride yourself in pushing the envelope when it comes to pursuing usability and aesthetics.
  • Take pride in your work, but are able to put business requirements above all else, even if it comes at the expense of throwing away something you’ve worked on for a while based on user feedback to “get it right”.
  • Believe that form follows function; you believe that usability should never lose out on “prettiness”.
  • A drive to keep learning new skills in an effort to expand their skillset.
  • Experience working on responsive designs for mobile and desktop (examples required).
  • Able to conduct usability testing via paper prototypes, mockups, clickthroughs etc...
  • Able to immerse themselves in domain specific knowledge; you believe that in order to be effective at designing a marketing page or UI for a product, you must first understand the product and its audience.
  • Strong understanding of designing with accessibility in mind, typography, color theory and composition.

The following aspects are highly appreciated:

  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and the ability to implement designs with the aforementioned technologies.
  • Ability to create and provide prototypes in Framer.js, Origami or equivalent software.
  • Knowledge of functional animation techniques to support UX.
  • Ability to conducting and evaluating A/B split testing.
  • Experience with writing copy.
  • Experience designing for print.

About Phusion

Phusion is a software company dedicated to making awesome Unix server tools to power the modern web. Click here for more info.

What does Phusion have to offer you?

  • A welcoming horizontal work environment with opportunities to grow both as a person and professionally
    • Want to go to an IT networking conference like TNW? We’ll send you!
    • Want to take a particular training course to become even better at your job? We’d like to support you here as well.
  • An opportunity to work directly with some of the most amazing Fortune 500 companies we are fortunate enough to call our customers.
  • Flexible office hours at our homebase within walking distance to Amsterdam Centraal.
  • Some of the best work hardware to allow you to perform your tasks quickly and efficiently; love Apple and want to work on a Macbook? Done deal. Prefer to work with Windows instead? We’ve got you too!

Do you think you’ve got the chops for this position? Are you also extremely self-motivated, fun to work with, and generally a pretty awesome individual? Then WE WANT YOU! Please send your résumé, cover letter, and portfolio to jobs@phusion.nl and we’ll get back to you shortly.