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Passenger is NGINX Plus Certified!

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with NGINX, Inc. and Passenger is officially certified under the NGINX Plus Certified Module Program.

In 2016, NGINX Inc. introduced dynamic modules, which make life easier by not requiring a full recompilation of Nginx when adding extra functionality through modules. Dynamic module support also offers the freedom to choose which modules not to load.

Passenger's Nginx integration has supported dynamic modules since version 5.0.28. We're proud to say that Passenger is one of the first modules that passed a series of regression tests that ensure it works correctly with NGINX Plus, loads as expected, and plays nicely with all core NGINX Plus functionality. Passenger is designed and built against a rigorous set of architectural standards, and has world-class support options available.

In short, Passenger is now an NGINX Plus Certified Module! You can read more about the program on the NGINX Blog.

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